Samuel Tells of Baby Jesus

This is a 3-part men’s piece with piano accompaniment.  It mixes Samuel Tells of Baby Jesus with the additional verse from Book of Mormon Stories that tells of Samuel the Lamanite.  It was very fun to put together and the men’s section of our ward choir will perform it for our 2014 Christmas program.

Download the score here: Samuel Tells of Baby Jesus – Full Score

Video of score with (synthesized) audio here:

Music: Grietje Terburg Rowley and Elizabeth Fetzer Bates
Text: Mabel Jones Gabbott and Nancy K. Daines Carter
Arranged: Richard Tolbert
Created: Nov 2014
Duration: 00:03:34

  1. Said Samuel, "Within five years
    A night will be as day,
    And Baby Jesus will be born
    In a land far, far away."
  2. 2. Across the sea, in Bethlehem,
    Lord Jesus came to earth
    As Samuel had prophesied,
    And angels sang His birth.
  3. Samuel the Lamanite, high on the city wall,
    Came to warn the people, and repentance was his call.
    Arrows could not hit him, for a man of God was he,
    And he taught in the land righteously.
  4. [Chorus]
    Hosanna! Hosanna!
    Oh, let us gladly sing.
    How blessed that our Lord was born;
    Let earth receive her King!